What is Flamenco-therapy?


Flamenco-Therapy is a method for personal development which ultimate aim is that women exploit the richness of movements of the flamenco dance for a better psycho-physical self-knowledge. At the same time, interacting with music and dance allows them to explore the range of different ways of non-verbal expression of their inner worlds. Thanks to these possibilities, flamenco may become a tool of awareness of our difficulties in different areas of life, which also show on our body and its movements. In short, the idea is to embrace the dance and turn it into a means of transformation attainable to every woman.
The Flamenco-Therapy I develop is closely related to dance-therapy but it shouldn’t be classified as such, since it has specific distinguishing elements. Likewise, it shouldn’t be considered a treatment or therapy concerning certain kind of problems.
The method in no case requires the acquiring of dance technical knowledge; it is, instead, committed to diversity and singularities, under the premise that there is no one unique way of dancing and experiencing flamenco, but infinite.